Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

DAJ: Mommy, why am I not in that picture? (points at wedding photo of mommy and daddy)
Mommy: Errrmmmm…well, because you only came into my tummy much much later
DAJ: (Pulls disgusted face). But how did I get in your tummy?!
Mommy: (panics…)…ummmm…well, because that’s where babies come from sweetie

Next day in school…
DAJ: Teacher, I’m getting a new baby sister!
Teacher: (surprised look) Really?
DAJ: Yeah…she’s in my Mommy’s tummy now and is coming out tomorrow
DAJ: Mommy, there's a new teacher in school!
Mommy: Really? Who?
DAJ: Her name is Teacher Nut. I reaaally like her.
Mommy: What does she teach?
DAJ: Nothing.
Mommy: Then why do you like her?
DAJ: Coz she gives me sweets all the time…(with big grin plastered on face)
DAJ: Mommy, what’s that? (pointing at my chest)
Mommy: That’s my chest
DAJ: No it’s not. It’s ‘tetek’.
Mommy: (Gasps) Please don’t use that word. I don’t like it. Just say chest, ok?
DAJ: Ok (sighs..). But in Malay it’s still called ‘tetek’ right? (winks and smiles..)

Opah: DAJ, u need to learn some Malay words
DAJ: But I already know how to speak Malay
Opah: What do u know?
DAJ: I only know 2 words. “Tetek” and “Bontot”.
Opah: (faints)
Mommy: Go and shake everyone's hand. We’re leaving now.
DAJ: (loooooong sigh)…I can’t Mommy.
Mommy: Why not?
DAJ: My hand is not working today
DAJ: Mommy, why do you have to go to work? Please stay with me today..
Mommy: I’m sorry DAJ. I really have to go.
DAJ: But why?
Mommy: If I don’t go then I can’t get money to buy that toy truck that u like
DAJ: But I got money Mommy. Here (puts hand in pocket and pulls out a 20 cent coin)…U don’t have to go now right?
Mommy: (Looks guiltily away…kid’s words rendered her speechless)
Note: DAJ is four this year


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