Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Finds...

I woke up feeling a little low today. Not really sure why. Perhaps it was the weather or the fact that I had tonnes of work but would rather lie in bed and rest my limbs. Perhaps it was time for my monthly womanly ritual...or perhaps I was just in dire need of a holiday. Who knows...women are complicated anyway.

I did manage to throw on something nice and drag myself reluctantly to work though (thank god for that - completely forgot I had a signing ceremony to attend) . After a few hours of clearing endless email, rummaging through files, preparing a credit paper and rushing for the signing gig, I suddenly had an inspiration. I thought the best way to cure this mild bout of depression was to go shopping...but not the haphazard-I-would-regret-later kind of shopping....more like the this-is-a-great-investment kind of shopping. I decided to go book-hunting at Kinokuniya. And true enough, that light-grey cloud of depression slowly lifted and revealed the bright yellow sun that I missed this morning. And this is what lifted my spirits today:

I love classics but am shameful to admit that I haven't really read that many, especially such famous ones like these. Kinokuniya was having a 20% sale on classic literature so I jumped at the opportunity. Nothings beats the joy of a good sale, even if it's just truly a happy camper now :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

The Gist (don’t worry, no spoilers here)
The scene is set in 1964, Lexington USA. An orthopaedic surgeon and his young and delicate wife were expecting a baby. On the night of the delivery, a blizzard hits the town and the doctor was forced to deliver his own babies, fortunately with the help of his nurse. Instead of one, 2 babies were born, twins; a healthy baby boy and a baby girl with down-syndrome. In that moment, the doctor made a single decision that would haunt him and his family’s lives for a quarter of a century.

The Characters
Dr David Henry: Orthopaedic surgeon and doting husband. Mysterious character, even to his wife and friends. Had a difficult childhood and a family history lined with problems.

Norah Henry: Wife of David Henry. A delicate and fragile woman, married at a very young age.

Caroline Gill: Devoted nurse and assistant to Dr. Henry. She helped deliver the twins and later became an accomplice to Dr Henry’s plans.

Paul Henry: The strong and healthy twin with an extraordinary gift for music. Rebellious in nature and hates his father.

Phoebe Henry: The twin with down-syndrome. Labelled as a retard by society.

My Synopsis
I saw a lot of hype surrounding this book and the summary at the back was interesting enough to propel me to read it. Plus, I really liked the cover (spoooky!). The numerous rave reviews somewhat reinforced my decision. After taking more than a week to finish the book, I have to say that I was left more disappointed than delighted. The first 3 quarters of the book was draggy and unbelievably depressing thanks to the sombre and dismal characters. I didn’t like the writing style either and found that the switch between scenes were sometimes confusing. It just wasn’t my cup of tea so I’m only giving this a 3/5. Maybe Kim’s latest book the “The Secrets of a Fire King” would fare better but I’m not counting too much on it. My next read? Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol…hopefully this one will not disappoint!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

DAJ: Mommy, why am I not in that picture? (points at wedding photo of mommy and daddy)
Mommy: Errrmmmm…well, because you only came into my tummy much much later
DAJ: (Pulls disgusted face). But how did I get in your tummy?!
Mommy: (panics…)…ummmm…well, because that’s where babies come from sweetie

Next day in school…
DAJ: Teacher, I’m getting a new baby sister!
Teacher: (surprised look) Really?
DAJ: Yeah…she’s in my Mommy’s tummy now and is coming out tomorrow
DAJ: Mommy, there's a new teacher in school!
Mommy: Really? Who?
DAJ: Her name is Teacher Nut. I reaaally like her.
Mommy: What does she teach?
DAJ: Nothing.
Mommy: Then why do you like her?
DAJ: Coz she gives me sweets all the time…(with big grin plastered on face)
DAJ: Mommy, what’s that? (pointing at my chest)
Mommy: That’s my chest
DAJ: No it’s not. It’s ‘tetek’.
Mommy: (Gasps) Please don’t use that word. I don’t like it. Just say chest, ok?
DAJ: Ok (sighs..). But in Malay it’s still called ‘tetek’ right? (winks and smiles..)

Opah: DAJ, u need to learn some Malay words
DAJ: But I already know how to speak Malay
Opah: What do u know?
DAJ: I only know 2 words. “Tetek” and “Bontot”.
Opah: (faints)
Mommy: Go and shake everyone's hand. We’re leaving now.
DAJ: (loooooong sigh)…I can’t Mommy.
Mommy: Why not?
DAJ: My hand is not working today
DAJ: Mommy, why do you have to go to work? Please stay with me today..
Mommy: I’m sorry DAJ. I really have to go.
DAJ: But why?
Mommy: If I don’t go then I can’t get money to buy that toy truck that u like
DAJ: But I got money Mommy. Here (puts hand in pocket and pulls out a 20 cent coin)…U don’t have to go now right?
Mommy: (Looks guiltily away…kid’s words rendered her speechless)
Note: DAJ is four this year

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Motherhood

Written on Thursday, 26th March 2006 @ Chiswick-London

Why I Like being a Mommy
  • Babies are the single most cutest and adorable creatures
  • One smile from them can melt even the toughest of hearts
  • They make you feel good and are excellent listeners too
  • A baby's laughter lights up even the darkest of 'rooms'
  • U become their rock, and they become yours
  • It's nice to be labelled a "Yummy Mummy"once in a while....
Why I Sometimes Wonder if I'm really Ready
  • Pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery wasn't actually a joyride
  • We never go to the cinemas anymore...babies can really cry
  • Window-shopping means window-shopping. Browsing for more than 10 minutes may result in a very angry baby
  • Taking a long shower or bath is considered luxury you don't have
  • They hog the TV and you're stuck watching shows of chubby puppets with antennas on their heads and a TV on their tummy
  • The bed used to fit two it fits two and a half very squished up people.....
Women never learn...I'd love to have another one. Maybe, a girl this time :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Of Vampires, Werewolves and Immortality…my take on the Twilight Saga

I know I’m pretty outdated on this Twilight Saga phenomenon but the book series has left such a huge impact on me that I simply cannot not blog about it……I practically think, eat, dream and breathe vampire now! (Ok, maybe not literally eat and breathe like a vampire but my husband has complained of seeing me attacking my regular consumption of concentrated cherry juice as if it’s like the vampire’s favourite meal…).

Anyway, some of my equally out-dated friends have yet to finish the series, so I’m not going to spoil it for them by talking too much about the storyline. But as an introduction to those who’ve never heard of the Saga (you’ve got to be an ultimate “katak-under-the coconutshell” to fall under this category), the book is largely based on the romantic relationship between a teenage human girl (Bella Swan) and a vampire who has been stuck at the age of 17 for the past 100 years (Edward Cullen). Their relationship takes on various challenges that threaten their very existence; Edward’s precarious balance between the lust to drain Bella empty of her sweet blood and protecting her with his life, the threat of the wolves and their bond to Bella, and the even bigger danger of the other covens of vampires drawn to the peculiarity of Edward and Bella’s relationship.

If you have heard about how great the Saga is but just haven’t found the time to read it, allow me to share the reasons why you should just grab the first book now and start flipping to Page 1 right away:

1) Once you start, you can’t stop. The book will start holding your attention from page 25 onwards, all the way to page 754 of the 4th book.

2) It’s any easy read…simple prose, yet a storyline so fascinating, you’d never guess it was a Saga meant for young-adult fiction.

3) Edward Cullen is akin to a Greek God…it’s impossible not to fall in love with him (the series will get you fantasising about him 24-7 and wishing he would just bite you already).

4) Despite being a love story, this is no Mills and Boon. There’s enough drama and nail-biting action to keep you in suspense throughout.

5) Bella’s klutzy and nonchalant character will get you in stitches…(she’s rather funny and extremely adorable!)

6) If you’re not into charming, smooth-talking, suave vampires, then you will definitely fall for Jacob, the bad boy-cum-wolf of the Quileute tribe…

and last but not least….

7) Anne Rice is getting old and Lestat is just too self-absorbed….Stephenie Meyer is definitely the new master vampire storyteller you don’t want to miss…

"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him — and I didn’t know how potent that part might be — that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him".Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 9, p.195


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