Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About Me

I’m a qualified accountant, working as a banker in the hectic city of Kuala Lumpur. I’m also MOM to the cheekiest boy on the block, and a big fluffy cat called Prince. This is a personal blog on my love for books and my fascination for the great outdoors, with the occasional rants and raves thrown in. I’m really quite bad at writing about myself so I’m just going to list the 5 main things you ought to know about me:

1) I can’t live without coffee. It is the next best discovery after the invention of flushing toilets by Thomas Crapper.

2) I love, love, love books of the mystery/thriller type. But I also love chic-lit, not-too-sappy romance novels, historical fiction and YA.

3) I used to have 5 cats but the number has now dwindled to just 1, plus a tank full of fish. It’s the only arrangement my cat-allergic husband can take.

4) My idea of a perfect break would be to trek up a hill before dawn and watch the sunrise. After that I’d probably just bask in the morning sun whilst reading a really good book.

5) I welcome comments! Feel free to comment on current or older posts. It's nice to know what other people are thinking too.

That about sums it all. Thanks for dropping by my blog and come again soon!


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