Sunday, December 20, 2009

Living Dead in Dallas – The Sookie Stackhouse Series

Living Dead in Dallas is the second book in the SS series. Here, Sookie, a cocktail waitress from Bon Temps, finds herself falling into a deeper relationship with the Vampire Bill, both romantically and professionally as Bill becomes her ally in an unfolding vampire adventure.

One night after getting into a fight with Bill, Sookie is unexpectedly attacked by another supernatural being. The supe’s attack left poison in Sookie’s blood stream and the only other beings that could help remove it were the vampires of Shreveport, led by the notorious-yet-delicious Vampire Sheriff of Area 5, Eric Northman. Since they sort of saved her life, she felt obliged to help when Eric requested her to use her telepathic abilities to help solve a mystery for the vampires of Dallas.

In Dallas, whilst trying to unravel the mystery she was sent on, Sookie finds herself getting into trouble with a group of vampire-haters, and finds herself getting a little closer to Eric...

My thoughts:
I enjoyed this book more than the first one. It definitely had more action and the introduction to the other super-naturals in Sookie's world made it even more interesting. I did get a little confused though, coz there is more than one plot in the book. Basically, the mystery of the vampires of Dallas wasn't the only mystery that needed solving. I'm not going to reveal more for the benefit of those who haven't read it, but suffice to say that the solving of the other mystery kind of revealed more of Eric's character and I am liking it ;)

This book is part of The Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge.

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