Monday, February 1, 2010

Broga at Sunrise

I've blogged about Broga a few times before (see here and here) and I think I would not do the place justice if I didn't post up some pictures of the place taken during sunrise. I finally managed to cajole a group of friends who were already planning a hike there, to wakeup at 5am (believe me, it was no easy feat - both the cajoling and forcing myself to wakeup from my very comfortable bed in the wee hours of the morning).

Together we climbed the hill and this is what I caught on camera, at the break of dawn from the hilltops of Broga:

As usual, I enjoyed the short hike and the waking up at 5am was a task well rewarded.


alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

Alice Teh said...

Wow, Lina, the view is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the Broga photos. I've always wanted to go there but haven't got a chance to do so. Am glad you enjoyed your hike with friends! :D

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Amazing photos!
Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Good luck with the Jane Austen reading challenge.


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