Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Romance, Literature
First Published: 1813
Pages: 368

Mr Bennet is an apathetic man of the working class, with no estate to his name. For Mrs Bennet, it became imperative then that her single mission in life is to marry off her 5 daughters to respectable gentlemen with some form of fortune. As the Bennet ladies mingle with society in search of a man, Elizabeth, the 2nd of the Bennet girls, quickly discovers that those with riches are not only full of pride, but are also prejudiced in their opinion of others with lesser possessions. Is Elizabeth right to judge the rich and famous as so? Will she ever find a man that will love her for what she is and not what she is worth? Or will her ready opinions of people render her guilty of being prejudiced herself?

It goes without saying that my favourite character of the entire plot would be Ms Elizabeth Bennet herself. Though she may not be as pretty and good-natured as Jane, she’s smart, head-strong and bursting with personality. My least favourite character (in fact I pretty much loathe her) is the girls’ mother, Mrs Bennet. She is forceful, pompous and the most inconsiderate mother one could ever wish for. As for the infamous Mr Darcy, his extreme arrogance was such a turn-off for me at first, but as the book progressed, his attitude was well more understood.

I believe Jane Austen has a gift for making her characters come to life. They are so believable and full of depth, it’s impossible not to feel some form of emotion over each character. I say this is a must-read for all inspiring writers and book-lovers alike.


Dazzling Mage said...

Ah, Pride and Prejudice. Such a classic. Are you going to watch the Colin Firth movie later? Lol.

I think the girls' mother is just there are a comic relief- and don't forget, most mothers at that time were like that. It's all good, for a good novel.

Btw, I have an an award for you. =D

naida said...

My favorite Austen!
Great review :) The mom was very annoying as were the two younger sisters, Kitty and Lydia.

Aths said...

I definitely hope to do one of the Austen challenges some time. I have only read Emma and feel I am missing out on so many good books of hers!

Lina said...

Dazzling Mage: There's a Colin Firth one?! I only saw the one with Kiera Knightly & Matthew Macfadyen. Oh, and thanks for thinking of me and passing me the award!! :)

Naida: I know! Lydia was the most annoying for me.

Aths: Hope u find the time to enter the challenge. Emma's actually next on my list.

vvb32 reads said...

yay, i love jane austen's works. definitely come visit my blog during my Pemberley Ball event in November. Darcy will be there. and if you're interested in other Jane Austen novels, i'll be having a Mansfield Park related event in May.


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