Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dead Until Dark – The Sookie Stackhouse Series

After finishing the Twilight Saga mid this year, I’ve officially become a Vampire Series addict. Since Stephenie Meyer decided to end the Twilight Saga with Breaking Dawn, I’ve begun to pine for some vampire action, not to mention perpetually missing the ever-so-charming Edward. I had to find myself another Vampire Series before the withdrawal symptoms came full-scale.

So I started snooping around and found out that the vampire craze has now expanded to include the Southern Vampire / Sookie Stackhouse Series and The Vampire Diaries. Needless to say, I got into my car straight away and drove to 4 different book stores, before I managed to get my hands on the Sookie Stackhouse Series box set (*cheers!!*)

Dead Until Dark is the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse Series and introduces Sookie Stackhouse, a cocktail waitress from Bon-Temps, Louisiana. Sookie is a telepath who has trouble socialising as she spends most of her time trying to block out people’s thoughts. Her life starts to change dramatically when a Vampire, (Bill Compton) walks into her bar. Being a vampire, Sookie can’t hear Bill’s thoughts and feels completely at ease with him. But Bill is the first vampire to ever lay foot in Bon Temps and ever since he did, the small town is suddenly laden with mysterious murders.

My thoughts: Quirky, amusing and weird, all spun into one. It makes for good fantasy reading though I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t watched the TV Series first (in my haste to find more vampires to be obsessed with, I ended up watching True Blood, the Sookie Stackhouse TV Series, before I could get my hands on the book box set…big mistake…the book is so much better).

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