Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I was shopping for kid’s books a few months back when I saw that Dan Brown’s latest book i.e. The Lost Symbol was on 20% discount (and that was for the hard cover *smiles*). Being a big fan of his Da Vinci Code, I jumped at the opportunity of course.

The Lost Symbol features the return of Professor Langdon, the Harvard symbologist, in another thriller/adventure that takes him through the secrets of Masonry and hidden history in Washington D.C. There’s also a teeny-weeny bit of romance going on for him here…but don’t get your hopes up too high. As I mentioned, it’s just a teeny bit, about half-way through the book when he is reunited with his mentor’s sister.

My thoughts on the Book: I was expecting more from this one. Da Vinci Code was such a hit for me that I kind of expected this to hit me even better. The plot, for me, was a tad familiar and it felt like I was reading parts of Da Vinci code all over again, except that the setting was in a different city. It’s just not as thrilling when you read a plot almost the second time round. Anyway, the book is still worth reading. If you’re not a fan of non-fiction, reading this will give you some insights on Masonic rituals and an introduction to Noetic Sciences, as the author has kept true to the facts. As usually expected with Dan Brown, the artwork and monuments described in the book are also real. So, yes, it’s still an interesting book….just not as interesting as The Da Vinci Code, I think.

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