Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

Title: The Pale Horse

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

First Published: 1961, 332 pages

Challenge: Thriller & Suspense Challenge 2010

From the Cover
When an elderly priest is murdered, the killer searches the victim so roughly that his already ragged cassock is torn in the process. What was the killer looking for? And what had a dying woman confided to the priest on the death bed only hours earlier?

Mark Easterbrook and his sidekick Ginger Corrigan are determined to find out. Maybe the three women who run The Pale Horse public house, and who are rumoured to practise the ‘Dark Arts’ can provide some answers?

My Thoughts
Mark Easterbrook is a writer who through the acquaintance of a doctor and a novelist finds himself embroiled in the mysterious murder of a Priest. Through some amateurish sleuthing and with the help of his new friend Ginger, he links several other murder cases to the Priest’s death and discovers convincing clues to suggest the killings took place via witchcraft – the perfect crime where there is no murder weapon, and where the killer cannot be linked to the crime scene.

I quite enjoyed reading this book in Christie’s many collections of cozy mysteries. The way in which Christie linked magic to murder was pure genius, and it gave a completely different atmosphere to what you’d normally find in a mystery/crime novel. As usual, Christie’s books are full of red herrings and keeps you guessing ‘til the very end. Overall, an interesting yet light an easy read that is perfect for a lazy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great review! I love Agatha Christie. I haven't read this on yet.

Kerrie said...

Lina, it would be great if you submitted this post to the next edition (October 23) of the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival
The submission place is here.


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